Innovative Approaches to Improving Internal Processes and Client-Facing Issues through Design Thinking

Innovative Approaches to Improving: OD10102

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Presented By:  Mark Beese, Founder of Design Thinking Legal

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Clients are expecting law firms to provide more innovative and cost-effective ways to deliver legal services, often combining technology, alternative service providers and new ways of doing things. How will you deliver?
Legal Design Thinking is a process to develop innovative ways to deliver legal services and find creative solutions to complex problems.

In this webinar, consultant Mark Beese will outline the five elements of design thinking and introduce key mindsets and tools used in design thinking as it applies to innovation in the legal sector.

This webinar explores:

  • The five elements of design thinking
  • Design thinking tools and principles and how they apply to the legal profession and client service issues
  • How to use design thinking to develop innovative approaches to deliver cost-effective legal services


Mark Beese, Founder of Design Thinking Legal

Mark is the Founder of Design Thinking Legal (, which is an initiative to bring design thinking practices to the legal profession. He is currently touring the United States on the “Taste of ALT” for the Association of Legal Technologists, giving introductory workshops on Legal Design Thinking to CIOs of law firms and legal departments.
Mark is President of Leadership for Lawyers and has spoken at the Lex Mundi Managing Partner Conference. For more information, visit and

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