Are you considering investing in Mozambique?  Learn about the trending sectors to invest in Mozambique, foreign exchange constraints for foreign investors and key business issues for investors. This webinar will provide an up-to-date business overview of Mozambique, as well as explore key factors that foreign investors need to take into consideration.

Topics addressed include:

  • Foreign Exchange Rules;
  • Foreign Investment;
  • Limitations to the employment of foreigners; and
  • Limitations to ownership of land

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Are your clients demanding changes in how legal services are provided and how those services are priced? Don’t miss this exclusive webinar for Lex Mundi members. The webinar will explore the changes clients are demanding and will offer insight on both the client and law firm’s points of view.

Topics addressed include

  • issues with alternative-fee/value-based arrangements;
  • models for firms to consider when measuring the profitability of alternative fee matters;
  • compensation considerations in light of these alternative models.

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What can you do to ensure clients maintain compliance with the Personal Date Protection Act (PDPA)? This webinar will address the necessary steps to facilitate the development and implementation of policies and practices to regulate the management and process of personal data.

Topics addressed include

  • Key Aspects of the Personal Data Protection Act 2012, Guidelines and Proposed Regulations;
  • Your legal obligations as an employer in respect of data on employees or as an organization holding individual’s personal data;
  • Practical steps to ensure best practices in relation to data protection in your organization; and
  • Compliance with the legislation.

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